Tommy Griffin – A Basketball Odyssey Of Triumph And Tenacity!

Tommy Mason-Griffin stands as a shining example of talent and determination. Born on September 29, 1990, his journey as a point guard mesmerized fans and left an enduring legacy on the court. 

Let’s Explore the life and times of this exceptional athlete whose skills transcended the boundaries of the basketball arena.

Let’s Explore The Early Years and Natural Talent Of Tommy Mason-Griffin – Take a Look!

Fundamentally, Tommy Mason-Griffin, born on September 29, 1990, is a former American basketball player known for his dynamic role as a point guard. Emerging as a natural talent early in life, Tommy’s basketball journey gained prominence during his college days with the Oklahoma Sooners. 

Despite a brief stint in college, he showcased exceptional skills, averaging 14.1 points and 5.0 assists per game. Tommy’s transition to the professional arena led him to play for teams like Ratiopharm Ulm in Germany and Donar Groningen in the Netherlands. 

His awards include Third-team All-Big 12 and a spot on the Big 12 All-Rookie Team in 2010, along with the prestigious McDonald’s All-American title in 2009.  For a more comprehensive overview, you can explore his Wikipedia page!

Therefore, This easy-to-understand overview captures the essence of Tommy Mason-Griffin’s basketball career, highlighting his journey from a promising talent to a recognized figure in the world of basketball.

Let’s Explore The Early Years and Natural Talent Of Tommy Mason-Griffin – Take a Look!
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When Did Tommy Play College Basketball? – Get Involved!

1. College Basketball Stint:

  • Tommy Mason-Griffin played college basketball with the Oklahoma Sooners.
  • His time at Oklahoma, although a single season, was marked by exceptional skill and determination.
  • This stint left a lasting impact on the Sooners’ basketball legacy.

2. NBA Draft Opportunity:

  • The 2010 NBA draft marked a crucial juncture in Tommy’s career.
  • It served as a gateway to new opportunities, highlighting his prowess and potential on the basketball stage.

3. Stats and Impact:

  • Delving deeper into Tommy’s college days unveils a player who significantly contributed to his team’s success.
  • The numbers, including points scored and assists made, paint a picture of a player destined for greatness.
  • Tommy left an unmistakable imprint on the collegiate basketball scene.

4. Legacy at Oklahoma:

  • Beyond statistics, Tommy’s legacy at Oklahoma is characterized by a brief yet impactful college career.
  • His journey created a compelling narrative that resonates with basketball enthusiasts.
  • The decision to enter the NBA draft reflected his ambition to compete at the highest level, echoing throughout the sports community.

Where Did Tommy Play Professionally? – Start Exploring!

Tommy Mason-Griffin’s professional journey unfolded on an international canvas, showcasing his adaptability and resilience. From joining the German team Ratiopharm Ulm to gracing the courts in the Netherlands with Donar Groningen, each chapter added a new layer to his basketball narrative.

1. Ulm (2011–2015): Triumphs and Challenges

The move to Ratiopharm Ulm in 2011 marked the beginning of Tommy’s professional odyssey. Triumphs and challenges defined his time with the German team, showcasing his ability to navigate the complexities of international basketball.

2. Donar Groningen (2016): Brief, Impactful Stint

On December 15, 2015, Tommy signed with Donar Groningen in the Netherlands. Despite a brief stay, his impact was unmistakable. A single game, featuring 8 points and 6 assists, showcased his ability to make a difference on any court.

3. Maine Red Claws: A Glimpse of the NBA Dream

Selected by the Maine Red Claws in the 2016 NBA Development League draft, Tommy’s journey hinted at the pursuit of an NBA dream. Although his time with the Red Claws was brief, it provided a glimpse into the aspirations of a player with unwavering determination.

When Did Tommy Play College Basketball? – Get Involved!
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What Awards Did Tommy Win? – Engage Today!

Tommy Mason-Griffin’s journey in basketball was adorned with accolades, recognizing his skills and contributions to the sport. His list of achievements is a testament to his dedication and impact on the basketball landscape.

1. Third-team All-Big 12 (2010): College Recognition

The honor of being named Third-team All-Big 12 in 2010 solidified Tommy’s status as a standout player during his college days. It reflected his prowess and the respect he garnered within the collegiate basketball community.

2. Big 12 All-Rookie Team (2010): Acknowledging Fresh Talent

In the same year, Tommy’s inclusion in the Big 12 All-Rookie Team highlighted not only his individual capabilities but also his role as a rising star within the competitive college basketball arena.

3. McDonald’s All-American (2009): A Prestigious Title

The McDonald’s All-American title in 2009 elevated Tommy Mason-Griffin to an elite group of high school basketball standouts. It was a recognition of his exceptional skills and a preview of the greatness that would unfold in the years to come.

A Comprehensive Exploration of Tommy Mason-Griffin’s Basketball Journey – References Learn More!

If you’re eager to uncover every facet of Tommy Mason-Griffin’s basketball odyssey, a journey through the following diverse references promises an in-depth and well-rounded perspective:

  1. In The First Place, RealGM:

RealGM serves as a comprehensive resource offering detailed insights into Tommy’s career. From statistical analyses to discussions among basketball enthusiasts, RealGM provides a nuanced understanding of his impact on the sport.

  1. Next, The Oklahoman:

The Oklahoman, a trusted journalistic source, offers a closer look at Tommy’s collegiate years with the Oklahoma Sooners. Through articles and features, this reference delves into pivotal moments and highlights, capturing the essence of his time on the college basketball stage.

  1. On The Other Hand, Basketball Ulm:

For a glimpse into Tommy’s international endeavors, Basketball Ulm stands as a valuable reference. Explore how he navigated the challenges and triumphs while playing for the German team Ratiopharm Ulm. Gain insights into his contributions to the global basketball landscape.

A Comprehensive Exploration of Tommy Mason-Griffin's Basketball Journey – References Learn More!
Source: news9
  1. Moreover,

FIBA, the International Basketball Federation, provides a global perspective on Tommy’s professional journey. From international competitions to player profiles, offers a broader context to understand his role in the larger world of basketball.

  1. Moving On,

The Dutch chapter of Tommy’s career with This reference sheds light on his time with Donar Groningen in the Netherlands, offering details on his impact, performances, and contributions to the Dutch basketball scene.

  1. As A Last Resort,

As the pinnacle of professional basketball, encapsulates Tommy’s aspirations and endeavors. Explore his draft experiences, development league selections, and the anticipation of making a mark on the grand stage of the National Basketball Association.

Each reference adds a unique layer to the comprehensive narrative of Tommy Mason-Griffin’s basketball journey. Whether you seek statistical analyses, journalistic perspectives, international exploits, or the grandeur of the NBA, 

These references collectively provide a rich tapestry that invites you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of basketball through Tommy’s eyes.


1. What Are Tommy Mason-Griffin’s Notable Achievements In College?

Tommy earned Third-team All-Big 12 honors and secured a spot on the Big 12 All-Rookie Team during his college career.

2. Where Did Tommy Play Professionally?

Tommy Mason-Griffin played for Ratiopharm Ulm in Germany and Donar Groningen in the Netherlands during his professional career.

3. What Awards Did Tommy Mason-Griffin Win During His Basketball Journey?

Tommy received accolades such as Third-team All-Big 12, a spot on the Big 12 All-Rookie Team, and the prestigious McDonald’s All-American title.

Wrapping Up The Article:

Finally In The End, 

Tommy Mason-Griffin exemplifies exceptional talent and unwavering determination. Born on September 29, 1990, his captivating journey as a point guard not only mesmerized fans but also left a lasting legacy on the basketball court.

This article invites readers to relive the excitement, the challenges, and the enduring legacy of a true basketball maestro.

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