Shattered Throne Map – Let’s Explore!

Imagine you’re at the Dreaming City’s edge, a mystical place full of secrets. Ahead is the entrance to the Shattered Throne, a dungeon wrapped in legend and danger.

The Shattered Throne map helps you explore the dungeon’s first part, called the labyrinth. It’s like a puzzle with seven temples, each marked on the map. You need to clear these temples in a certain order, which changes each time you play. Knowing how they connect is important

Are you prepared to face the unknown? Let’s dive in and discover the secrets of the Shattered Throne together.

What Is The Shattered Throne? – Must Read!

The Shattered Throne is a special place in Destiny 2, found within the Dreaming City. It’s not like regular missions; it’s more like a mini-raid with tough challenges and big boss fights. Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned guardian, it offers an exciting adventure unlike anything else in the game.

Unlike traditional strikes, the Shattered Throne feels like a mini-raid, providing an unforgettable journey for both seasoned guardians and newcomers alike.

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Where Is The Entrance To The Shattered Throne Dungeon?


The entrance to the Shattered Throne dungeon is in a place called the Dreaming City. It’s a magical place created by the Awoken. Imagine tall towers, waterfalls, and old buildings everywhere you look. This city is full of secrets and mysteries waiting for you to explore. 

Dreaming City Landing Zone:

Dreaming City Landing Zone:

The Dreaming City Landing Zone is the starting point for your adventure in the mystical realm of the Dreaming City within Destiny 2. It’s where you first appear when you begin the game, serving as the gateway to the wondrous and mysterious world that awaits you. 

Path Along the Left Wall:

The path along the left wall in the Dreaming City guides you towards the entrance of the Shattered Throne dungeon. Following this path from the Dreaming City Landing Zone will lead you to various landmarks, including a large building housing the Oracle. Continuing along this route, you’ll eventually encounter a bridge near a cliffside path.

Large Building with the Oracle:

The large building with the Oracle is a significant landmark along the path to the Shattered Throne dungeon in the Dreaming City. As you journey along the left wall from the Dreaming City Landing Zone, you’ll come across this imposing structure.

Bridge and Portal:

The bridge and portal are pivotal points along the path to the Shattered Throne dungeon in the Dreaming City. As you continue your journey from the large building with the Oracle, you’ll encounter a bridge situated near a cliffside path leading downward. 

How Do I Get To The First Part Of The Dungeon At Shattered Throne Map?

To reach the first part of the Shattered Throne dungeon, you’ll enter the windy and monochromatic Ascendant Realm. Here, your journey begins in the labyrinth, a complex area containing seven temples. 

Your task is to clear each temple in a specific order to advance. Since the temple sequence changes with every attempt, efficient navigation is crucial. Utilize our detailed map to guide you through this intricate landscape and emerge triumphant from the challenges that lie ahead.

Who Are The Bosses In The Shattered Throne Dungeon?

Who Are The Bosses In The Shattered Throne Dungeon?

The Shattered Throne dungeon in Destiny 2 features several challenging bosses that you’ll encounter as you progress through its depths. These bosses include:

Vorgeth, the Boundless Hunger: 

This massive Taken Ogre is the first boss encounter in the dungeon. Protected by four Wizards, defeating Vorgeth requires careful coordination and timing to collect and deposit orbs to lower his shield and unleash your damage.

Dul Incaru, the Eternal Return: 

As the final boss of the Shattered Throne, Dul Incaru awaits in a small temple area at the end of the dungeon. Guarded by three Taken Champions, defeating Dul Incaru requires quick thinking and precise execution to gather orbs and unleash devastating damage.

These formidable foes will test your skills and teamwork, offering rewarding encounters as you strive to conquer the challenges of the Shattered Throne dungeon.

Can I Play The Dungeon Alone At Shattered Throne Map?

Yes, you can definitely play the Shattered Throne dungeon alone. While it poses a significant challenge, solo completion is entirely achievable with skill and perseverance. However, if you prefer, you can also team up with other guardians to tackle the dungeon together.

What Weapons Should I Use In The Shattered Throne Map?

Selecting the right weapons is crucial to your success in the Shattered Throne. Long-range weapons such as bows and sniper rifles excel in dispatching enemies from a distance, while powerful exotics can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Experiment with different loadouts to discover the perfect combination for your playstyle and conquer the challenges that await.

How Often Can I Play The Shattered Throne Map?

Long-Range Weapons: 

Long-Range Weapons:

Equip bows and sniper rifles to excel in dispatching enemies from a distance. These weapons allow you to engage foes safely from afar, minimizing your exposure to enemy attacks.

Powerful Exotics: 

Consider using powerful exotic weapons to gain an edge in combat. Exotic weapons often possess unique abilities or attributes that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

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Experiment with Loadouts: 

Take the time to experiment with different weapon loadouts to find the perfect combination for your playstyle. Whether you prefer precision shooting or aggressive close-quarters combat, finding the right weapons to complement your approach is key to success.

By carefully selecting your weapons and adapting your loadout to the challenges you’ll face in the Shattered Throne, you’ll be better prepared to overcome its trials and emerge victorious.

Is There A Map To Help Me Through The Shattered Throne Map?

Absolutely! A detailed map is available to assist you as you navigate the intricacies of the Shattered Throne dungeon. This comprehensive visual guide will help you chart your course through its labyrinthine corridors, ensuring you never lose your way. 

Utilize the map to uncover hidden secrets, plan your strategy, and ultimately emerge triumphant in your quest to conquer the challenges of the Shattered Throne.


What happens if I die in the Shattered Throne Map?

Fear not, guardian! Death is not the end of your journey in the Shattered Throne. Respawning is allowed throughout the dungeon, allowing you to regroup and continue your quest to conquer its challenges and claim victory. 

Can I complete the Shattered Throne dungeon solo?

Yes, solo completion is possible with skill and determination. However, teaming up with others can enhance your chances of success.

What rewards can I expect from the Shattered Throne dungeon?

Completing the dungeon offers valuable loot, including powerful weapons, armor, and unique cosmetics.


In summary, the Shattered Throne dungeon in Destiny 2 offers an exciting and immersive experience. Whether you’re exploring its winding paths alone or with friends, every moment is filled with adventure. 

With powerful weapons and determination, you can overcome its challenges and emerge victorious. So, gear up, rally your allies, and embark on a thrilling journey through the Dreaming City’s depths. Victory awaits brave guardians like you.

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