How does IPL make money – An in-depth insight


The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most sought-after cricketing events and for a good reason. Its flashy cricketing powerhouses, backed by the glitz and glamor of Bollywood, are known worldwide.

IPL is not only a mere cricket franchise of the BCCI, but a massive money magnet that pools in hundreds of millions of dollars every year. According to sources, the BCCI alone earns $350 million every year, with IPL being its biggest contributor to around 60%.

How did IPL become such a big pool of sourcing money? How did it grow so big? Who sponsors and what for? Are IPL franchises profitable? Let’s dig deep and answer these questions in detail!

But have you ever wondered about what powers this monster? In this blog post, we’ll go through IPL’s insane financial model that brings in billions each year.

Media Rights: The Golden Egg

When it comes to making money in the IPL, there’s nothing more reliable than selling media rights. Every year, broadcasters from all around the world fight tooth and nail to get the rights to air IPL matches. These deals bring in mountains of cash for the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), which later distributes hefty sums to all franchises.

In 2023-2027 alone, BCCI sold its media rights deal for almost INR 48,390 crores ($6 billion USD). This isn’t an average sum either – it’s miles ahead of any other sport’s value per match.

IPL’s major chunk of revenue comes from exclusive broadcasting rights. When the IPL commenced in 2008, Sony and World Sports Group (WSG) bought the broadcasting rights of the league at a whopping US$ 1.3 billion for 10 years. This converts to US$ 103 million per year.

At nearly the end of the contract in 2018, Star India acquired the global media rights for US$ 2.55 billion for 5 years, and further renewed it from 2023 to 2027 for US$ 6.2 billion.

Additionally, Jio Cinema’s partnership with BCCI to live telecast the tournament is making BCCI fortunes. According to reports, Viacom 18, which is the parent company of Jio cinema, entered into a contract with BCCI for IPL’s digital rights for US$ 3.05 billion for the 2023-2027 cycle.

A further report reveals that Viacom 18 stated that it will make IPL games available to stream for free in order to generate more revenue from advertisement sales.

IPL’s digital advertising revenue has constantly been on the rise since its inauguration in 2008. The digital ad revenue for the league for the past few years are as follows:

YearDigital ad revenue (All figures in US$ million)

Comparing the charts, IPL grew by a rapid rate of 872% from 2018 to 2023. As of present, the Indian Premier League (IPL) is the richest cricket league across the globe, which is followed by UAE: International T20 league (ILT20) and South Africa: SA20 at no 2 and no 3 respectively.

Sponsorship: A Sea of Brands

Sponsorships are crucial when it comes to generating revenue for the league. With such an enormous audience reach and a positive brand image associated with it, many big-name brands are eager to partner up with IPL teams.

There are three types of sponsorships:

Title Sponsor: The main sponsorship that gives naming rights to the brand (e.g., “Tata IPL”).

Official Partners: Brands that secure partnerships across various categories.

Team Sponsors: Brands whose logo gets plastered across jerseys, helmets etc.

Many companies clamor over these opportunities as they recognize the significant exposure they’ll get through them. As a result, IPL has been able to secure some lucrative sponsorship deals that line their pockets quite nicely.

Ticket Sales: Fans on Their Feet

IPL games attract massive crowds to stadiums, and while their presence is appreciated, it’s also very much monetized. Franchises make a lot of money through ticket sales for their home games. Fans also find themselves in an electric atmosphere when they get inside an IPL stadium, which adds to the whole experience.

Merchandise Sales: Show Some Team Spirit

The love that fans have for their teams doesn’t stop at attending matches. Franchises are super-aware of this and use it to sell team merchandise such as jerseys, caps, and other memorabilia items. They’ve noticed how devoted fans are willing to pay up just to show off their team spirit.

Prize Money: A Rewarding Incentive

The IPL offers massive prize money for the winning teams; although it may seem like a loss to fork out so much cash, it really isn’t. Teams know that the financial rewards they could potentially receive are worth fighting tooth and nail for during each match.

This then drives up competition levels in the tournament, making things more intense and exciting for audiences and stakeholders alike.

The Franchise Model: Sharing Wealth

As you probably already know, IPL operates on a franchise model where individuals or corporations purchase rights to operate teams. Most people aren’t aware though that these franchise owners throw around insane amounts of cash just to be part of this league – which is great news for the BCCI.

Another fantastic thing about this model is that BCCI has adopted a central revenue-sharing system. It pools most of the income generated by franchises together and redistributes them back among all teams equally; ensuring everyone gets equal benefits from the league’s financial success – promoting stability across all boards involved.

And Then There’s More…

The Indescribable IPL

The main money-making methods mentioned above are the foundation of the IPL’s financial strength. However, the tournament also explores other ways to bring in revenue:

Online Mediums: The IPL has a very strong digital presence with websites, mobile apps, and social media accounts that all help generate money.

Fantasy Sports: Popular fantasy cricket platforms have taken off in part due to the success of the IPL. Partnerships with these platforms give them a boost.

International Growth: The league is testing matches outside of India now as an attempt to grow its brand into new markets and expand its viewership.

What can’t be measured?

The impact of this company can not only be seen on spreadsheets. Here’s what cannot be seen simply through pure revenue generation.

Creating Jobs

Thousands of positions are created thanks to this tournament across many different sectors. From logistics, security, and media services, this gives India’s economy a massive bump up.

Boosting Local Businesses

When games are held in one city then local businesses thrive. Hotels, restaurants, transport services, and retailers all see a large spike in activity thanks to the influx of fans and personnel for the event.

Promoting Tourism

Many international visitors come just for the games themselves but get caught up in experiencing Indian culture along the way. This helps contribute to their growing tourism industry greatly.

Infrastructure Development

By giving access to world-class infrastructure across India they’re helping sustain long term growth for cricket within their country

Challenges and Controversies

Despite it’s incredible success over time there have been some obstacles that have tried getting in its way:

Match-fixing Scandals

Unfortunate some seasons had match fixing scandals tied too them .Fans trust was broken down by how severe these incidents were and tarnished their reputation as a whole

Player Burnout

With such little downtime between competitions many people worry about what this could do long term to the players health.

Balancing Commercialization and Integrity

The IPL has gotten so big and made so much money that people worry they could be shifting their focus away from cricket. This is leading many to think that this may lead to a less pure form of sport in return for more profit.

The Future’s So Bright

The IPL keeps its eyes on the future always. Here’s what they hope to do:

More Teams: More teams means more fees, rights, and overall revenue which is never a bad thing for business.

Focus on Women’s IPL: After seeing how successful their first season was there is no doubt they will start investing more into this branch of the tournament soon.

Global Ambitions: They don’t just want to be famous in India. They want everyone in every corner of the world loving their product.


The Indian Premier League, it’s a sight to behold. The power of sports, entertainment, and smart business strategies all rolled into one. Its intricate revenue model is on another level. Media rights, sponsorships, ticket sales, and merchandise have transformed this league into an absolute cash cow. Cricket in the country will never be the same again.

Sure there are challenges and controversies that loom over this league but there’s also hope for a brighter future. Expansion and innovation are in the IPL’s playbook which only strengthens its title as the cricketing and commercial superpower we know today.

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