Benefits of Designer Bean Bag Chairs

Adding more seating options to your home or business improves your space’s functionality and your guests’ comfort. Designer bean bag chairs are a flexible seating option to add to residential and commercial spaces where multiple people gather. Here are some of the benefits of adding a designer bean bag chair to your indoor or outdoor areas: 

1. Aesthetic Appeal

Traditional bean bags may be small or awkwardly shaped. These features may prevent the furniture from blending well with the surrounding decor, resulting in poor visual appeal and customer satisfaction. A designer bean bag chair has a streamlined design that enhances the aesthetic appeal of interior and exterior spaces. They can be tucked into small spaces or corners without drawing attention away from the main area of the room.

They can also be used as the focal point of rooms used for entertaining and hosting guests. Placing multiple luxury bean bags in a waiting room or hotel lobby increases the functionality of the space and creates a more welcoming environment. Designer bean bags have clean lines and hold their form over time, creating a more sophisticated look. Home and business owners can choose bean bag shapes and sizes that best match their current interior decor style. 

2. Comfort

Luxury bean bags are designed with ergonomic features to support the body in a natural sitting posture. These include high backs that prevent slumping, hunching, or bending motions that could increase discomfort. Designer bean bags are large enough to carry the entire weight of the body without deflating, providing full-body support that protects the neck, back, hips, and knee joints from discomfort or strain. The chairs are filled with foam materials that mold to the body and retain their shape over time. Some designer chairs come with matching ottomans to give users a footrest or place to store books, games, and other items.

3. Color Options

Traditional bean bags may come in a limited range of bright or undesirable colors that disrupt your design goals. Interior designers, homeowners, and businesses can order designer bean bags in a broad range of color options. These colors should match or complement the rest of your interior decor and design style.

If you are ordering multiple bean bags, select all the same color or several colors from the same pallet to create a visually cohesive space. If you can’t find the color you want, ask the chair designer whether they offer custom color matching and textile selection. A unique bean bag covering allows the furniture to stand out and adds intentional visual interest to a space. Some neutral color options that work well with many interior design styles include white, black, tan, and beige.

4. High-quality Materials

The materials used to create luxury bean bag chairs improve the products’ durability and extend their lifespan. This makes a designer bean bag a long-term investment in your home’s or business’s appearance and functionality. Materials like water-resistant polystyrene beads and foam fillers give luxury bean bags a firm base that forms to users’ bodies. The chair covers are made with high-end materials like leather, sheepskin, and vegan leather. These materials are by-products of other animal processing procedures, making them a sustainable option. Designers might use other eco-friendly woven and knit fabrics like bamboo, wool, and burlap. Burlap fibers are strong, resistant to wear, and biodegradable. 

Waterproof materials are used for beanbags designed for outdoor patio use. These materials include polyester and waterproof membranes that protect the filling from water damage. Some materials are water-resistant and not fully waterproof, so check the label closely before placing your chair outdoors. Luxury bean bag chair covers are created with strong seams and double stitching that help the products withstand regular use. If your bean bag covers get dirty, wipe them down with a soft cloth and a mild soap and water mixture. Many luxury bean bags come with a discreet zipper that allows owners to remove the outer layer for a more thorough cleaning. 

Explore Designer Bean Bag Chairs

Enhance the seating areas in your home, office, restaurant, medical practice, and more with designer bean bags. Interior and landscape designers partner with designer chair suppliers to purchase bean bags at wholesale prices to stage their residential and commercial projects. Contact a designer bean bag chair vendor today to learn more about their seating options and find products that match your interior spaces.

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